Foundation Basement Concrete Crack Repair

Foundation Basement Concrete Crack Repair – Foundation Basement Concrete Crack Repair

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AquaSeal Basement Waterproofing contractors is a family owned company specializing in basement leak solutions and waterproofing for the residential homeowner and construction industry. We have been serving Southern Ontario with 38 years of experience.

AquaSeal Basement Waterproofing was established in 1988 to provide all proven methods of repair for the refurbishing of existing residential, commercial and institutional buildings. However, the expansion of our range of services  allows us to provide waterproofing solutions for all types of structures. Our damp proofing and waterproofing products are supplemented by products and materials to deal with the symptoms such as damp, wet, cracked, leaky basements, also not limited to only below grade structures.

We have successfully repaired over 100,000 homes and businesses throughout Southern Ontario. AquaSeal Basement Waterproofing has grown to become a service leader throughout Southern Ontario with a reputation for effective solutions second to none.

If your basement foundation is made of solid concrete (which is normally found on homes built after 1975), hairline cracks can be repaired from within your basement through a pressure injection of either epoxy or poly-urethane. Insertion ports are installed along the crack and the epoxy or poly-urethane is injected into the crack all the way to the outside.

Epoxy Concrete Crack Injection
Epoxy crack injection does not only stop water but also provides structural strength. Like the familiar epoxy glue, it fills the crack and “glues” the concrete. Its strength and bond with concrete greatly exceed the strength of the concrete itself. And the high bond and tensile strengths of epoxy prevents further elongation and yawning of structural cracks. Epoxy low pressure crack injection method insures that the full depth and length of the crack is filled. It fills cracks in walls up to 24 inches thick.
Polyurethane Concrete Crack Injection
Over 95% of residential basement cracks are non-structural – the only problem is the seepage of water.  A polyurethane crack injection does not add structural strength; it just forms a barrier impenetrable to water. Polyurethane resin remains flexible, which allows for continuous natural movement of the concrete due to thermal shrinkage and expansion or settling. It bonds tenaciously to dry or wet concrete. It can be used to repair wet or even leaking cracks. The polyurethane polymer forcefully expands, which ensures that the full depth and length of the crack is filled. It fills cracks in walls up to 24 inches thick. Polyurethane can expand over 20 times its volume. If there is a void on the backside of the wall, it will fill it too – there is no way for water to ever find the crack again. If the crack in the foundation wall is above ground, then we will seal the crack on the other side temporarily with a caulk. The polyurethane polymer has low viscosity to fill hairline cracks but expands to fill wide cracks (up to 3/4 inch). We use the highest-quality two-component polyurethane. There are inexpensive single-component polymers on the market but they are not suitable for repair of cracks subjected to water pressure. We use hydrophobic polyurethane, which repels water. In contrast, hydrophilic foams absorb water and when allowed to repeatedly dry out, like in a basement, they release the water molecules and slowly crumble.
Polyurethane can also be used to create a water-resistant seal in rod holes, cold joints, electrical conduits, septic projections, well/water lines, and many other applications.

Foundation Basement Waterproofing Cracks – Exterior (Click Me)
Sometimes it may be impractical for you Aquaseal Technician to repair your cracked foundation wall from the inside. This may be due to some factors concerning the type of foundation and/or the condition of the basement (this pertains to the finished status of your basement or other factors like tenants or the lack of a workable area). If you basement is block, stone or brick then it most likely; depending on the number, placement and severity of the cracked foundation wall; will have to be repaired from the outside.